robert C brady



What's he all about...

Robert Brady is a location scout based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He's got a lovely big retro Range Rover P38 and likes nothing more than hooning around the wilds of Scotland looking for amazing locations so you can shoot your fab car ads, top notch fashion shoots and film or TV shoots! 

He has an outstanding working knowledge of Scotland and specialises in the highlands and Islands.

He's is a photographer by trade and education and hence his location scout recce pics are; in focus, well exposed and well composed! Whoop! Seriously though...this translates well into scouting with regard to brief interpretation and the all important creative concept understanding! Amen! He has 5 years scouting and production experience, ranging from high end car adverts to big name fashion shoots to cheeky wee editorial shoots. He's worked as Location Scout, Location Manager and Production Manager.

The other Robert C Brady : http://www.robertcbrady.com



To put you at ease:

Post grad in Photojournalism from London College of Print

18 years photography experience

5 years locations and production experience

AOP member

Canon 5DIII + Sigma Art prime lenses + GPS system

Sony A7 and Zeiss lenses

Macbook pro with bells and whistles

Solid creative, logistics and production skills.

A big book of contacts- producers, production managers, location managers, runners, estate owners etc. 

A big Retro Range Rover P38 

Friendly, approachable, persistent, hard working, determined and creative.


Nuts and bolts...

It's a bespoke service generally. I do have a database of previous scout images and can do google image pulls from my desk with the knowledge I have. Scotland, however, varies wildly season to season, hence I recommend a bespoke scout via a brief by brief basis. I'm always flexible though...just ask. 

Day rates (ball park APA generally):

Stills Scout  -  £350 + VAT  Moving Image Scout = £400 + VAT

Range rover vehicle hire = £50 + VAT

Plus expenses - petrol, parking, subsistence and accommodation at cost plus VAT. All images copy righted to Robert C Brady and are GPS tagged in the metadata and hence "where is that again?" is never an issue!

The above generally applies to a 10-12 hour working day, but if we are in a fix...I'll smash out the odd 18 no bother! 


Oh look who he's worked for...

Quick phone him...

UK Scotland:

Robert C Brady Ltd, Room 3, Brewery Park Business Centre, John Muir Campus, Brewery Park, Haddington, East Lothian, EH41 3HA