The catch...

There is always one... mine is simple. I am a Location Scout..not a Location Manager.

I am your creative interface between brief, location, logistics and final production.

I can and have done plenty of location management/production management jobs for most of the clients you see listed in the "oh look who he's worked for" section. I have solid logistics, communication and management skills. 

However I'm a much better suited to scouting. Wild, free, out in the truck with my camera and a hungry creative eye. For me the translation from one to the other doesn't work. Here's why...

 When location scouting I have a great deal of involvement in the creative process, I read and interpret briefs, analyse mood boards, chat to producers, directors and photographers. My visual interpretation is valid and i'm engaged creatively. My photographer background is a huge bonus.

When location managing I find myself, parking cars at 5am in a high viz vest and herding production crazed crew around like a mad shepherd, muttering, "the glamour, the glamour, the glamour". Thats not to mention explaining to the angry land owner why the transit driver parked in the boggy bit and made a right mess. First in, last out, and most definitely, first against the wall. It's so far from the creative process that it makes me weep a little bit. You feel me? Amen! Now pick up that phone! I know loads of locations managers, it will all be fine, trust me! In fact they will probably try and twist my arm to work as their assistant..."the glamour, the glamour, the glamour".